Mobile Registration Renewal

As per the Etisalat policy If you want to buy the new Etisalat mobile number or eLife internet connection you have to submit the original valid Emirates id card to Etisalat to register in the system. All the UAE residents using this id card & If you’re foreign then your Emirates id card will expire as per the UAE residence visa expiry date. If you renew your UAE residence visa then must you have to visit any Etisalat Business center or outlets or apply by the online to update your valid emirates id card to renew all your Etisalat account? you can get more information about Etisalat quick pay here.

How you can update your renewal Emirates ID?

If you renew your Emirates id card then you have to update valid Emirates id in the system of Etisalat. otherwise, Etisalat will disconnect all your accounts. That’s why if you want to avoid disconnecting your Etisalat account and you want to use & enjoy the continued Etisalat service. Submit your valid Emirates id card to Etisalat. If you need information about UAE WI-FI. 

Now below I will explain to you the easy method of Mobile Registration Renewal

In a convenient way, you have to visit the official website of Etisalat check here. Then enter your Etisalat account number & click on the proceed button to continue.

Then you have to submit required documents with a scanned copy in the system of Etisalat.

Now you’re successful with Mobile Registration renewal and you will receive a confirmation on your smartphone screen. 

And you can renew your registration by My Etisalat UAE App or payment machine. You can submit offline your valid Emirates id or other required documents to any Etisalat Business center or outlets.

Required Documents to renew your Etisalat registration 

For UAE National –  If you have UAE Nationality then you can provide to Etisalat only the original valid Emirates id card. 

For UAE Residents – If you have the residential visa of UAE and you want to submit valid Emirates id online to Etisalat. Then you have to visit the official website of Etisalat or by an offline visit to any Etisalat business center or any Etisalat outlets with your original valid emirates id card. 

Government/ business entities – From these categories, if you have anyone then you can submit government decree or Establishment cards. Even you can provide Etisalat your original Emirates id & passport with the visa page.

UAE National ( out of the country for medical reasons or on an official purpose ). Then You can provide the original EID if it expires. You can provide your original passport. You can submit to Etisalat your official medical or official letter from the embassy. Please be careful and send all the documents in that email to